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D chord Bm chord Gm chord Gm/Bb chord F#m/A chord D/A chord Em chord Bbdim7 chord F sharp chord F#dim chord Cm/Eb chord F sharp minor chord F chord C sharp minor chord A chord B chord E chord G sharp minor chord Am chord F#dim7 chord
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How To Play

D             Bm             Gm                   Gm/Bb            F#m/A
He spends his time, or maybe half of his time, or part of the time wandering 'round
    D/A               Bm                Em
The creeks and cobble stones of hackney lanes
D                  Bm          Gm                     Bbdim7
with a tear in his eye, as the children walk by, he's thinking of a song
     D/A               Bm           Em     F#      F#dim
Then stops, to paint a picture of a frown, walking around
Em Cm/Eb Gm F#m F x2
And the fast guitar that's right after that part goes like this:
E|-------------------------| x2
D            Bm                Gm                         Gm/Bb              F#m/A
Dan Treacy's smile, leaves you trying to decide who's the victim, what's the crime?
   D/A                       Bm            Em
No rest for the mind, that's seen it all before
D                         Bm                Gm                 Bbdim7
And I don't know where he lives, but he's a myth of a man, and Texas Bob the cameraman
   D/A            Bm              Em             F#           F#dim
Is off to fix his suit before the show, yeah but where did he go?
Em Cm/Eb Gm F#m F x2
   C#m            A
To know when your time's up  
    B                  E               G#m         Bm
You flip the glass and watch the hours quickening
   A     Am
Oh oh oh oh
       C#m         A
In the back of the station
    B               E                  G#m         Bm
Fluorescent lights about to quit their flickering
        A                         F#
Well he speaks his mind, he says "what is crime?"
Dan Treacy's eyes
D                    Bm             Gm
In the middle of the park, when the underground is dark
       Gm/Bb       F#m/A
He's a poet he's a lark
          D                Bm                Em
He starts thinking about a place that no one knows
D                       Bm            Gm
And when the creeks run dry, he stays frozen in time
Strange lights in the sky
      D/A                     Bm                   Em
Start blinking, I can see the car outside but he's listening
                  G#m                       Bm
Oh oh oh oh, he's listening, oh oh oh, he's listening, ah ah ah
         A             Am
And he's making up his mind
C#m         A           B                   E         G#m   Bm   A  Am
He made his mind up, to get things done and overcome
C#m         A        B               E         G#m  Bm  A  Am
He made his mind up, yeah he's gonna let it go
C#m         A        B               E              G#m  Bm  A  Am
He made his mind up, in the park and at the station
C#m         A        B                E           G#m  Bm  A  Am
He made his mind up, yeah, he's gonna get it done
C#m         A        B                   E           G#m  Bm  A  Am
He made his mind up, ooh yeah he's gonna get it done
C#m         A       B    E    G#m   Bm
He made his mind up
A                              B
Yeah, he's gonna let it go, oh oh
              F#m      B
No matter the time, oh oh
         F#m               B
When the creeps run by, oh no
                F#m         B
He's making his mind up, oh oh oh oh
F#m                              B
Yeah he's gonna get it done whoa oh
F#m                                   B
Yeah, when the creeks run dry whoa oh
F#m                            B
Yeah, he's gonna listen to his soul
F#m                                     F#dim7
Yeah, when the creeps walk by and say, "come here boy, look me in the eye"
Bow to the heart, back to the beat of Dan Treacy 

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