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How To Play

On a moonbeam there might come a spirit rider
          F#m            E                 D
Who'll be watching for a flickering in the gloom
He will put a feeler out for love and welcome
       F#m               E                  D
And he just might cast a shadow across your room
       Bm                           F#m
I will scent out any evidence of danger
       G                            E
I will test the air around my sugar shack
      A                     Asus4            A
If my heart knows you won't treat it like a stranger
           F#m        E               D
And if the fire is lit I'll be riding back
           D      A         D            A
Before you know it you will see a spirit rider
       F#m     E            D
Cut me off babe and I'll be gone
                D    A             D        A
I will mount my high oh and I will ride off ma'm
            F#m           E             D
And I'll go on and on and on and on and on
    Bm                      F#m
The lies you lay in one ear will blow out the other
       G                             E  Esus4  E
Let a storm rage on me on my outward tac
          A                 Asus4  A
If I hear bluebirds I won't go any farther
           F#m           E               D
And if the sky gets clear I'll be riding back
D  A  D  A
F#m  E  D
       D  A              D
I will ramble, drift and range
              A              F#m            E         D
And you'll be walking round imaginary things upon the floors
        D  A               D                 A
Walk in circles 'round the reasons that have vanished
          F#m                    E       D
You'll forget what doesn't matter anymore
          Bm                  F#m
You might get a glimpse of me off in the distance
       G                               E  Esus4  E
If you cry out I might hear you on the wind
           D   A
And if the mountains echo your love to me
          F#m               E            D
Wave your heart and I'll be riding back again
          F#m               E            D
Wave your heart and I'll be riding back again

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