Stronger Than Ever Before (Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure) Chords & Lyrics Artist:

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A chord Ab chord Bbm chord C chord D chord Eb chord F chord Fm7 chord G chord Fm chord F7 chord Eb over Bb chord Eb7 chord Gm7 chord Db/Ab chord Ebsus4 chord Cm7 chord Bb6 chord Bbm7 chord Adim chord Ab6 chord Fsus2 chord Gdim chord Fm/Eb chord Dbsus2 chord Dbsus2/Eb chord Absus4/Eb chord Gm/F chord
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How To Play

Ab6    Ab6
Ab           Db/Ab
We've done a lot
Ab              Db/Ab
Faced who knows what
Ab                 Db/Ab     Db/Ab   Ab
Still though we're not quite through yet
Eb              Gdim  Ab
We have so much to do yet
Fm7         Bb       Fm/Eb Eb
More than a thing or two   yet
        Ab             Db/Ab
There's wounds we must heal
Ab            Db/Ab
Plans to make real
Ab           Db/Ab    Db/Ab   Ab
Watch us and we'll do won  -  ders
C             G         G   C
Sure we might make some blunders
C               Bbm      Eb7
We'll face them all head on
We'll rise hand in hand
And rebuild this land
Dbsus2                Dbsus2/Eb Ab
We're ready to stand and        roar
Absus4/Eb            Absus4/Eb Fm
Will we give up? No, ne    -   ver!
      Bbm7          Ebsus4 Eb   Ab  Ab6 Ab   Bb Bb6 Bb
We're stronger than ever   be - fore
Bb            Eb/Bb
We've made mistakes
Bb           Eb/Bb
Had some bad breaks
Bb        Eb/Bb    Eb/Bb Bb
That only makes us tou - gher
F                 Adim Adim  Bb
Now when the road gets rou - gher
Gm7            C      Gm/F F
Frankly, we'll barely su - ffer
       Bb                Eb/Bb
'Cause though we've been burned
Bb           Eb/Bb
What have we learned?
Bb         Eb/Bb      Eb/Bb  Bb
Victory is earned not gi  -  ven
D            A        A    D
We shape the world we live in
D                Cm7   F7
We're what we'll build upon
The war may be won
But still, we're not done
      Eb            Bb
We've only begun to soar
             Fsus2 Gm7
And far more cle - ver
Cm7                    F
And stronger than ever before
There's miles yet to go
How far, we don't know
    Eb                Bb
But we can do so much more
F               F  Gm7
Onto the next endeavour
We're stronger than ever
We'll never say never
      F                    Bb    Bb6 Bb
We're stronger than ever before

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