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C chord C7 chord Cm chord D chord D sharp chord D7 chord F chord G chord Gm chord G7 chord A Sharp chord Gm7 chord
A Sharp minor chord
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G C G C G C G D G D G C C7 D7 C
[Verse 1: Miranda Lambert]
There ain't a damn man in Dallas
    Gm                          G
Who wouldn't put a ring on my hand
Red dirt queen of the palace
I'm running through 'em like a watering can
[Chorus 1: Miranda Lambert]
   C                     A#   C
My sugar daddy's got a pool in the back
Got a rifle in the rack of his Cadillac
Drivin' me crazy
My sugar daddy's got diamonds in his watch
Got a boat on the dock, 'cause a-why not?
I'm his lady
Give me some sugar daddy
G C G Gm Gm7 Gm C
[Verse 2: Angaleena Presley]
There ain't a horse in all of Kentucky
          Gm                    C
That I couldn't saddle up and ride
                    F              C
I'm bettin' on the one with the honey
            Gm                  G
I'm gonna break him in good tonight
[Chorus 2: Angaleena Presley]
My sugar daddy's got chrome on his bike
Got bourbon on ice, he's a [white knight?]
Drivin' me crazy
      C                  A#
My sugar daddy's got a lift kit on his truck
         Cm         Gm
He's as wild as a buck
         C                 D
And he thanks God I'm his baby
                        A# C
Give me some sugar daddy
D# D F G C F A#m Gm F
[Verse 3: Ashley Monroe]
I can call 'em down from the mountain
       Gm                     F
I can leave 'em high on the hog
G                           Gm   A#
I let 'em drink from the fountain
   Gm                               G    C
But leave 'em wantin' more like a boss
[Chorus 3: Ashley Monroe]
Yeah my sugar daddy's got the whole back forty
With the will to afford it
                                 G   F G
And he's top shelf, driving me crazy
My sugar daddy's got a rhinestone suit
Got a snake in his boot
     C                D7
A guitar man, he persuades me
  D        C          Gm
Give me some sugar daddy
[Outro: Ashley Monroe & Miranda Lambert & Angaleena Presley]
If you want them finer things
[Give me some sugar daddy]
If you want them diamond rings
[Give me some sugar daddy]
[Howlin'?] darlin', do your thing
[Give me some sugar daddy]
Give me some sugar daddy
Give me some sugar daddy

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