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Am chord Am7 chord D7 chord E chord E7 chord F chord Fmaj7 chord D/F# chord
D7 over F Sharp chord
E7/G# chord Am/C chord Am/E chord Am/D chord Am7/G chord Fmaj13 chord E7+ chord
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How To Play

Capo: 3rd fret
(Will then sound in the recorded key of Cm)

NOTE: For keyboard players and bassists use the transpose function and set to +3 to view the chords in the key of Cm.
N.C. = No chords
   Am            Am7/G         Fmaj7  Fmaj13 Fmaj7  E7+    E7  E7+ E7
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /   /   /    /   |  /  /  /   /__/  |
Am                                     E7
   "Why, hello! Say, ...can I buy you...  another glass of beer?"
E7 E7/G# Am
             "Well, thanks a lot, that's kind of you, 
 ...It's nice to know you care,
E7 E7/G# F                      E7+      E7        Am   Am7/G
             These days there's so much...   going on-----------,
F          E7+   E7       Am    Am7/G
    No one seems to wanna know,
F            E7+   E7         Am    Am7/G   D/F#
    I may be just...   an old sol - dier to some...
      F                          E7+        E7
But I know... how it feels... to grow old"
E7 E7/G# Am                                      E7
             "Yeah, that's right! You can see me here most every night,
E7 E7/G# Am                                    E7
              You always see me staring at the walls, and at the lights,
E7 E7/G# F                     E7+     E7           Am                  Am7/G
              Funny, ...I re - member,     oh, it's years ago, I'd say,
Am/E Am/D Am/C F                    E7+  E7        Am                         Am7/G
                  I'd stand at that bar... with my friends, who've passed a - way,
Am/E Am/D Am/C F                  E7+       E7        Am    Am7/G      D7/F#
                  And drink three times the beer that I can drink to - day,
N.C.          F                               E7+      E7
       Yes, I know... how it feels... to grow old"
E7 E7/G# Am                                  Am7/G
             "I know what they're saying,son,    ...'There goes Old Mad Joe again!'
      Well, I may be mad at that,
I've seen enough...  to make a man go out of his brains,
Am        N.C.                                            E7
    Well, do they know what it's like to have a graveyard as a friend?
N.C.   Am7               D7           N.C.
'Cause that's where they are, boy, ...all of them,
Fmaj7                                                 E7+          E7
      Don't seem likely I'd get friends like that a - gain, yeah!"
E E7 Am                                             E7
        "Well, it's time I moved off, but it's been great just listening to you,
Am                                E7
    And I might even see you next time I'm passing through,
F                         E7+     E7    Am   Am7/G
    You're right, there's so much going on----------,
F          E7+   E7         Am    Am7/G
    No one seems to want to know---------,
F                      E7+       E7                   Am     Am7/G    D7/F#
    So keep well, keep well, old friend, and have a - nother drink on me,
N.C.      F                      E7+    N.C.                Am    Am7/G
Just ig - nore all the others, got your memo - ries---------,
Am7/G                      Fmaj7  E7+ E7    Am
       You got your memo - ries"

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