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F chord Db chord C7 chord FMaj7/E chord C/Eb chord Cdim/D chord Bb chord Bb/C chord F/E chord D chord G7 chord Gdim chord Csus chord Bbdim/C chord F/D chord F/C chord C over Bb chord A chord G chord C/E chord C/C chord Eb7 chord F7 chord F/C# chord D/C chord G/B chord E chord A/G# chord A/G chord A over F Sharp chord Bb/F chord G7/C chord FMaj7 chord
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How To Play

F Db F
   F      FMaj7/E      C/Eb       Cdim/D
I never believed that there was a rainbow 
       Bb      Bb/C       C7
with a pot of gold at the end.
      F        F/E        D             G7
I'm much too smart for fairy tales like that 
    Gdim       Csus C7
yet here I am, again.
     F         FMaj7/E      C/Eb             Cdim/D
I thought this time, this time we're gonna make it. 
       Bb   Bbdim/C              C7
Why I thought so, I really don't know.
       F       F/E F/D F/C       C/Bb A  D   G
Maybe something in his eyes just told me so.
F   C/E   D  D   C/C   Eb7
Something in his eyes.
F    F7
Tell me lies
    Bb         G
and I'll come running
  F       C7   F       C7
I must've lost my mind
         F        F7
I could close my eyes
     Bb                           G
and tell you just exactly what's comin'
 F            C7                   F    C7 F F7
Life's gonna turn just a little unkind.
 F          F/C#
Seems like everyone's sailin'
D/C            G/B
way out on the sea
    F         F/E          F     E
and I'm stuck here on the shore.
A             A/G#
Sun's always shinin'
         A/G       A/F#
but it's never for me.
Bb/F         Bb         Csus C7
Why should I try anymore?
F                     F7
Tell me lies, Tell me lies
 Bb             G
I'll just keep right on comin'
     F                  G7/C
This time I've got to believe
        D    G7
in the dream.
This time I've got
to believe
        F Db F C7 F
in his dre-------am

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