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G7sus4 chord Gsus2 chord Ebm/Bb chord Cm7/G chord D/A chord Eb over Bb chord F chord Dm over A chord
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How To Play

[Chord variants]
G7sus4  355532
Gmb6    365343
Gsus2   355000
Ebm/Bb  x11343
G7sus4       Gmb6        G7sus4    Gmb6
Gmb6         Cm7/G       D/A
Gsus2        Eb/Bb       Gmb6      D/A
F    Eb/Bb   Gmb6  Dm/A  Eb/Bb     F
[Spoken word: Alf Razzell]
 Two things that have haunted me most are the days when I had to collect the paybooks
    F           Eb/Bb           Cm7/G        Gsus2
And when I left Bill Hubbard in no-man's-land
Gsus2                 F
 I was picked up and taken into their trench
Eb/Bb                    Cm7/G                                           Gsus2
 And I'd no sooner taken two or three steps down the trench when I heard a call
"Hello Razz, I'm glad to see you. This is my second night here," and he said
             Gsus2                                              F
"I'm feeling bad," and it was Bill Hubbard, one of the men we'd trained in England
One of the original battalion
  Cm7/G                               Gsus2
I had a look at his wound, rolled him over, I could see it was probably a fatal wound
          Eb/Bb                                                 Gsus2
You could imagine what pain he was in, he was dripping with sweat
    F                                      Eb/Bb
And after I'd gone about three shellholes, traversed that, had it been
                 Cm7/G                            Eb/Bb
Had there been a path or a road I could have done better
                                     Cm7/G                                 D/A
He pummeled me, "Put me down, put me down, I'd rather die, I'd rather die, put me down"
Gsus2   F    Eb/Bb   Cm7/G                      Gsus2
                          I was hoping he would faint
He said "I can't go any further, let me die"
I said "If I leave you here Bill you won"t be found, let's have another go"
Gsus2                     F                     Eb/Bb
 He said "All right then" And the same thing happened
                                            Eb/Bb                            Cm7/G   D/A
He couldn't stand it any more, and I had to leave him there, in no-man's-land

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