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Am chord Am7 chord E7 chord Em chord G chord G7 chord E over F chord Em7 chord G6 chord Gsus4 chord Esus4 chord Am9 chord B/E chord E7sus4 chord Am7/E chord Am11 chord Am9/E chord A9/E chord A+9/E chord
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How To Play

A9/E  A+9/E  Em
Am9/E  E7  Em7  A9/E  Am7/E  B/E  Em
Am9/E                E7
   Dorothy was a waitress on the promenade
Em7                  A9/E
   She worked the night shift
Am7/E                         B/E
   Dishwater blonde, tall and fine
She got a lot of tips
          Am9/E                     E7
Well, earlier I'd been talking stuff in a violent room
Em7                      A9/E
   Fightin' with lover's past
Am7/E                           B/E
I needed someone with a quicker wit than mine
Dorothy was fast
 Am9/E                   E7
Well, I ordered - "Yeah, let me get a fruit cocktail, I ain't to hungry"
Em7                A9/E
   Dorothy laughed
She said - "It sound like a real man tome (you're kinda cute)
             B/E                    Em
You're kinda cute, you wanna take a bath?" (Do you wanna, do you wanna?) ... Bath?
              Am9/E                    E7
Oh, I said - "Cool, but I'm leaving my pants on (What you say?)
        Em7                      A9/E
Cuz I'm kinda going with someone"
            Am7/E                       B/E
She said - "Sound like a real man to me
Mind if I turn on the radio?"
    G     G7     G
"Oh, my favorite song," she said
           G7   G         Am  G      G7    G
And it was Joni singing, "Help me, I think I'm falling"
             G7    G
(Drring) The phone rang and she said
    G7 G    G6      G           G7   G  G6
"Whoev er's calling can't be as cute as you"
    Right then and there I knew I was through (Dorothy Parker was cool)
A9/E  Am9/E
My pants were wet, they came off
But she didn't see the movie cuz she hadn't read the book first
Esus4  E/F  Em  E/F  Em  E/F  E7sus4
  Am9/E               E7
Instead she pretended she was blind
    Em7                               A9/E
An affliction brought on by a witch's curse
Dorothy made me laugh (ha ha, ha ha)
                        B/E                      Em
I felt much better so I went back to the violent room
(Tell us what you did, what you did) Let me tell you what I did
G                 G7 G   Gsus4 G       G7 G  Gsus4
   I took another bubble bath  with my pants on
G         G7  G    Gsus4
  All the fighting stopped
G              G7    G Am7  Am11  Am7  Am11
Next time I'll do it sooner
            Am7  Am11   Am9b5   Am9
This is the bal  lad of Dorothy Parker
Am9/E  E7  Em7  A9/E  Am7/E  B/E  Em x2

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