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How To Play

C/G                      G   A#
Michael plays with stars
            F                Dm          A
Soul Sister won't you take a ride in his car
Late to call
         G            C
When you wanted to be all
                  G         A#
Baby, baby, don't be so shy
              F                  Dm
Rock children hold your heads up high
       A             C
In the night while I try
And tell the ballad of Valentine
You got it bad, but you know it's true
I caught up with a friend in Dallas
We took a trip to New Orleans
Those black-eyed ladies
F                 G
Won't say they're sorry
We finally caught a train to Memphis
Where everybody talks the same
Those blue suede babies
F           G
All know my name
And I said hold tight
                        G           A
Can't you see that it's hurting me
E        D   C   E
But I've got the buzz
Like Marlon Brando
C                  F                G
Michael Valentine, can't we unite?
We ended up in North Dakota
Although my heart's in Mexico
My muñequita
F        G
Abre tus ojos
         C                 Em
With your new suit, and your black tie
       Am                                F            G
Hold on, you're just a gambling man, all proper like
  Dm                       G
I broke to the right and I caught your eye
C                   Am
Shut your mouth and wave goodbye
F                                          G
Tonight, I ain't gonna let you rain on this parade
And I said hold tight
                        G           A
Can't you see that it's hurting me
E        D   C   E
But I've got the buzz
Like Marlon Brando
C                  F                G
Straight faced with misery tonight
           C                          G             A
And I will not lie when I say I ain't cold no more
E        D   C   E
But I've got the buzz
Like Greta Garbo
C               F
Walking forward to the sun
G                                      Am
And I've got a coat tail left to ride
Well uh oh
            C        G
I know he's gonna be there tonight
Outro - C
*Here's the constant guitar riff throughout the song*

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