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Dm                  C             G
   Desperate is the day that is 2morrow
Dm                    C                 G
   4 those who do not know the time has come
Dm                 C                   G
   2 whip the dogs that beg, steal or borrow
Bb               Am           G
   From a table, God set 4 his Son
Dm                  C                   G
    Wicked is the witch that stands 4 nothing
Dm                  C             G
    All the while watching 2 c u fall
Dm                   C                   G
    Deeper than the ditch that bred ur suffering
Bb                   Am                  G
    Is the 1 being dug right now by them all
Dm               C             G
   Happy is the way 2 meet ur burdens
Dm               C                 G
   No matter how heavy or dark the day
Dm            C                   G
   Pity on those with no hope 4 2morrow
Bb              Am                        G
   It's never as bad as it seems  'Til we say
Dm                 C             G
   Precious is the baby with a mother
Dm                         C                G
   That tells him that his Savior is coming soon
Dm                         C                  G
   All the believers will cleanse    And purify themselves
Bb                Am                     G
   Put down the needle    Put down the spoon
Bb                Am                     G
   Put down the needle     Put down the spoon
Dm                 C                  G
Sacred is the prayer that asks 4 nothing
Dm                    C                G
But seeking 2 give thanks 4 every breath we take
Dm                        C                   G
   Blessed r we inside this prayer   4 in the New World, we will b there
Bb                     Am                G
   The only love there is is the love we make
Bb                     Am                G
   The only love there is is the love we make
Bb                     Am                G
   The only love there is is the love we make

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