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A7 chord Am7 chord C chord C7 chord C over G chord Dm chord Dm7 chord F chord G7 chord Em7 chord G9 chord
Dm over F chord
Cmaj7 chord A9 chord
C Sharp 5 chord
F/G chord C6 chord D7sus4 chord Dm9 chord C9 chord Eb/G chord D9 chord Cmaj9 chord Adim chord Eb6 chord F9 chord F/A chord Bb/D chord F#dim chord Gaug chord Fm6 chord Bm/D chord E7sus4 chord Fmaj7/G chord A7/E chord E7#5 chord F6/9 chord A7b9 chord A7#5 chord Am7/E chord C6/9 chord G7sus4/A chord Gm7/A chord G7/A chord G9/A chord
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How To Play

Cmaj9  F6/9  Cmaj9  F6/9  Cmaj9  F6/9  Cmaj7
The night is bitter
The stars have lost their glitter
    Dm7   Bb/D G7
The winds grow colder
F9              G7
Suddenly you're older
    C9  Dm7  C9               Dm   Cmaj7 E7#5  G7sus4/A  G7/A  Gm7/A
And all be - cause of the man that got   a --- way
G9/A  D7sus4            G7
No    more his eager call
    C9                   A7b9
The writings on the wall
    D7sus4                     G7
The dreams you dreamed have all
       C    G7
Gone astray
The man that won you
Has run off and undone you
     Dm7   Bb/D G7
That great beginning
    F9             G7
Has seen the final inning
      C    Dm7  C
Don't know what happened
         Dm Cmaj7   F/A   E7sus4  A7 Am7 A7
It's all a  cra  -  zy    game
   F                        G9
No more that all-time thrill
Gaug  C6/9                    A7#5
For   you've been through the mill
And never a new love will
Fm6    C7   C#5  C
Be the same
Good riddance, goodbye
                          D9 Bm/D Eb/G G7
Every trick of his you're on      to
But, fools will be fools
Dm  C       Adim  Eb6   G9
And where's he    gone  to?
The road gets rougher
It's lonelier and tougher
     Dm7  Bb/D G7
With hope you  burn up
  F9              G7
Tomorrow he will turn up
        C    Dm7 C              Dm7  Cmaj7 E7#5 Em7  A7  Am7/E  A7/E
There's just no  letup the live-long night and  day
     Dm/F               F#dim
Ever since this world began
         C/G               G7/A
There is nothing sadder than
A9 Dm7                   F/G
A  one-man woman looking for
                 Fmaj7/G  C
The man that got a--------way
    C/G      G7   Cmaj9  F6/9 Cmaj9 F6/9 Cmaj9
The man that got away

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