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C chord D7sus2/F# chord Fmaj7 chord G7 chord G chord G#dim chord Am chord C7 chord F chord Fmmaj7 chord G9 chord G6 chord D7 chord G7/B chord Dm11 chord F6 chord C2 chord Cmaj7 chord G11 chord D chord E9 chord Gmaj7 chord
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How To Play

C            D7sus2/F#   Fmaj7
Here, on the other side
I know you're gonna find
     C              D7sus2/F#    Fmaj7
That fear was just another lie
                      G             G#dim
That disappeared when faith arrived
         Am          C7               F
Like the cavalry you called for once
Just a kid, in front of everyone
C               G9     G7
  Now who's the dunce?
       C          Fmmaj7  G6 G7
On the other side
C            D7sus2/F#     Fmaj7
Once, like a kid I reigned
                 G6         G7
King of all that I surveyed
    C            D7sus2/F#    Fmaj7
But you couldn't be contained
                  G            G#dim
You dared me to defy the waves
           Am                  C7           F
Said let's break it down, find someone new
See you round, I'll think of you
C                G7      G7/B
  But we made it through
       C          Dm11 G#dim
To the other side
     Feel the reins between your fingers slip
    C2     C    Cmaj7 C7
And you're away
F6             D7
     Leave the pain behind the line
    G11     G7
And feel it fade
D   E9  Gmaj7  D
D   E9  Gmaj7  G7
C        D7sus2/F#     Fmaj7
Now, the time has come
                  G6      G7
To saddle up your destiny
     C            D7sus2/F#       Fmaj7
And, wow, look at all you've done
              G        G#dim
Scored like a symphony
         Am                    C7
Seen you stumble, babe, didn't come for free
       F                      D7
But be humble, babe, when you turn the key
C                         G7 G7/B     Am          D
  Cos who knows what will be   on the other side?
C                         G7 G7/B     C
  Cos who knows what will be   on the other side?

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