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G                 C          G
With our nets and gear we're faring
G                        D   G
On the wild and wasteful ocean
G                          C           G
Its there that we hunt and we earn our bread
G                    C         D     G
As we hunted for the shoals of herring
G                     C        G
O it was a fine and a pleasant day
G                            D
Out of Yarmouth harbor I was faring
D    G             C       G
As a cabinboy on a sailing lugger
G                      C         D     G
For to go and hunt the shoals of herring
G                           C     G
O the work was hard and the hours long
G                                    D
And the treatment, sure it took some bearing
D         G                        C          G
There was little kindness and the kicks were many
G                    C         D     G
As we hunted for the shoals of herring
G                              C      G
O we fished the Swarth and the Broken Bank
G                    C       D
I was cook and I'd a quarter sharing
D     G                       C      G
And I used to sleep standing on my feet
G                       C         D     G
And I'd dream about the shoals of herring
G                                C         G
O we left the homegrounds in the month of June
G                      C         D
And to Canny Shiels we soon were bearing
D      G                C      G
With a hundred cran of silver darlings
G                        C         D     G
That we'd taken from the shoals of herring
G                      C        G
Now you're up on deck, you're a fisherman
G                              D
You can swear and show a manly bearing
D         G                      C     G
Take your turn on watch with the other fellows
G                              C         D     G
While you're searching for the shoals of herring
G                          C      G
In the stormy seas and the living gales
G                       C            D
Just to earn your daily bread you're daring
D        G                     C     G
From the Dover Straits to the Faroe Islands
G                       C         D     G
As you're following the shoals of herring
G                        C       G
O I earned my keep and I paid my way
G                          C     D
And I earned the gear that I was wearing
D        G                          C       G
Sailed a million miles, caught ten million fishes
G                     C         D     G
We were sailing after shoals of herring

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