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Dm chord Am chord Bb chord F chord C7 chord D7 chord Gm chord Gm/D chord Caug chord Gm7 chord F/A chord G7 chord C chord A7 chord F7 chord E chord Db chord Ab chord B chord Am/C chord Bbm/F chord F/C chord Bb7 chord Gdim chord Fdim chord
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How To Play

Verse 1:
     Dm   Am          Bb      F      C7          F
When Karl Marx were a boy, he took a hard look a-round;
       Am7b5       D7           Gm       Gm/D
He saw people were starving all over the place,
      C7          Caug         F
While others were painting the town.
Verse 2:
    F      Gm7      F             F/C    C7       F
The public spirited boy, became a public spirited man.
      Dm          Am           Bb         F/A
So he worked very hard, and he read every-thing,
   G7                    C
Un-til he came up with a plan.
Bridge 1:
         F     A7     Dm             Dm     F7     Bdim7
There'll be no exploi-tation, of the worker or his kin.
Dm      A7    Dm               Bb     E       A7
 No dis-crimi-nation, 'cos the colour of your skin.
Dm       Bbdim7  Bdim7  Abdim7 Adim7     Gbdim7  C7
 No more private proper-ty; it would not be allo-wed.
       Db                                 F
No one could rise too high, no once could sink too low,
      F         Bb            G7          C
Or go under com-pletely, like some we all know.
Verse 3:
   F         Gm7       F            F         C7           F
If Marx were living to-day, he'd be rolling a-round in his grave.
       Dm        Am          Bb             F/A
And if I had him here, in my mansion on the hill,
    Dm         Am             Bb                   F/A
I'd tell him a story; t'would give his old heart a chill.
     G7                         C
It's something that happened to me.
         Ab     B        F         Ab     B        F
I'd say, Karl I recently stumbled, into a new fami-ly.
     Db         E           Bb            Db         G7              C
With two little children in school, where all little children should be.
  Ab          B     F       Ab            B            F
I went to the orien-tation; all the young mommies were there.
Verse 4:
          Dm         Am          Bb       F/A
Karl, you never have seen such a glorious sight,
         Dm        Am/C      Bb            F
As these beautiful women, ar-rayed for the night.
          Db          Ab         Bbm/F           F/C
Just like Countesses, Empresses, movie stars and queens.
           G7                                 C
And they'd come there with with men much like me;
F         C       Bb          C
 Froggish men, un-pleasant to see.
            Db              Bb      C7                 F
Were you to kiss one, Karl; merry a prince would there be.
Chorus 1:
    Dm        Bb7         F        Bb        E          F
See Karl, the world isn't fair; it isn't and never will be.
     Gm7            F                Bb        F
They tried out your plan; it brought misery in-stead.
         Gm7           F                   Bb            F
If you'd seen how they worked it, you'd be glad you were dead.
          Bb           F             Bb          F
Just like I'm glad I'm living in the land of the free,
          Bb            F/C             Bb             A7           Dm
Where the rich just get richer, and the poor you don't ever have to see.
            Gdim                       F/C
It would de-press us, Karl, because we care...
         Fdim         C7       F
That the world, still isn't... fair.
F  Gm7  F, F  C, F
   Dm      Am      Bb      F       C7     Am7b5    D7      Gm
 xx0231  x02210  x13331  133211  x32310  x01213  xx0212  355333
  Gm/D    Caug     Gm7     F/C     F/A     G7      C       A7
 xx0333  x32110  353333  x33211  x03211  323000  x32010  x02223
   F7     Bdim7    E     Bbdim7  Abdim7   Adim7  Gbdim7    Db
 131211  xx0101  022100  x12020  xx4545  xx5656  xx2323  x46664
   Ab      B      Bbm/F   Gdim    Fdim
 466544  x24442  113321  xx3434  xx0101

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