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How To Play

| A        D       |A                D    |A    D        |A    D
  They say that the left side of the brain   controls the right 
| A        D       |A          D     |A         D  |A    D
  They say that the right side has to work hard all night 
| A    D   |C#m   F#m|C#m  F#m|C#m   F#m     |C#m
    Maybe I think too much for my own    good 
     F#m   |Bm    |
Some people say so 
                 |C#m    |
 Other people say "No, no 
                |Bm         |
 The fact is you don't think 
 as much as you could." 
    |  |No chord (A bass) |  |  |
        |                  |          |     |
 I had a childhood that was mercifully brief
  |            |             |    |
 I grew up in a state of disbelief
             |C#m      |         |     |
 I started to think too much when I was twelve  
            |Bm7 |
going on thirteen 
                  |C#m7 |
 Me and girls from Saint Augus - tine 
         |Bm7      |
up in the mezzanine 
E               |A        |
  Thinking about God, yeah 
        |E        |    |  |
 Maybe I think too much 
        |F#m           |  |  |
 Maybe I think too much 
        |E        |    |  |
 Maybe I think too much 
        |F#m           |  |  |  |A D|A D|A D|A D|A D|A D|A D|
 Maybe I think too much 
 A        D     |A   D      |A   D    |A    D
 Have you ever experienced a period of grace 
| A D        |A          D      |A      D        |A   D|
    when your brain just takes a seat behind your face 
| A D      |C#m   F#m |C#m     F#m |C#m F#m  |C#m
    and the world be - gins the   el - ephant dance 
   F#m      |Bm   |
Everything's funny 
           |C#m  |
 Everyone's sunny 
                 |Bm   |
You take out your money 
              |E   |
 walk down the road 
(Single notes)E   |E     F#|A  F#  E   | D C#|C#
              That leads me to the girl  I-I  love 
C# |E    F#  A B   | A    F#  E |
The girl I'm always  thinking of 
            |C#m7     |    |  |
 But maybe I think too much 
                    |Bm7 |
 And I ought to just hold her 
               |C#m7 |
 Stop trying to mold her 
           |Bm7 |E
 Maybe blindfold her 
              |A  |
 and take her away 
Repeat and fade:
       |E        |    |  |
Maybe I think too much 
       |F#m           |  |  |
Maybe I think too much 
       |E        |    |  |
Maybe I think too much 
       |F#m           |  |  |
Maybe I think too much 
       |Bm7      |    |  |
Maybe I think too much 
       |F#m7          |  |  |
Maybe I think too much 

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