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Capo: 4th fret

G                   D
I thought I'd be an angel
C                  G
And fly on astral skies
C                    G             D   D7
I thought I'd wear a fanciful disguise
          C       D
And It's taken me a lotta time
G                    C
To find out I'm not one
G                D
An outlaw on the run,
C                   G
On this side of the sun.
G                D
I hoped I'd be a champion 
C                  G
And live without a care
C                        G
I thought I'd change the world, 
         D       D7
Make it just and fair
C                       D
But my youth slipped by before my eyes
G              C
Much to my surprise
G               D
Before I had begun, 
C                    G
On this side of the sun.
G               D
Out on this end of the wind
C                G
Winter's coming 'round the bend
C                   G
You pray for rain, before you know,
C                     D
You're standin' in a foot of snow
       C                 D
So you pull your coat up to your chin
G                C
Pick your shovel up again
G                         D
'Cause your work is never done, 
C                    G
On this side of the sun.
G               D
I took it to a fortune teller
C                        G
I thought that she might help me
C                   G
She looked into my eyes 
           C         D
And smiled mysteriously
        C          D
But she didn't know as much as me
G                 C
I stared back, dejectedly
G                         D
'Cause I know where she's from, 
C                 G
This side of the sun.
G                 D
Out behind these prison walls,
C                    G
Dark clouds come and hard rains fall
C                  G
You pause a moment for a dream,
C                   D
They row you gently down the stream
    C            D
You wake up angry in the night,
G                       C
Jump up, ready for the fight
G                    D
But the war is never won 
C                   G
On this side of the sun.
G                 D
Now they tell me music 
C                    G
Can free a person's soul
C           G    C            D
So I sing a song everywhere I go
C                          D
But It's not much different than before
G                 C
I'm still looking for the door
G                 D
I wonder if there is one,
C                   G
On this side of the sun...

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