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A chord A7 chord B chord C sharp minor chord D sharp chord E chord G sharp minor chord
G Sharp 7 chord
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Cm7b5 chord
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How To Play

B                  C#m
  In a dark wintry Tokyo
In the Mahjong parlor he waits
B                      C#m
  Severed past running through his hands
Glory comes to the one who waits
G#m                      E
In the hallways, they're lying there
       A                  G#m
In the red blossom of the days
B                        C#m
  In your arms, there is nothing left
Who you are is run away
G#m      Cm7b5                    B       E
My whole life is the mystery that I can't break
    Cm7b5                B      E
Our aims is a calvary of our mistakes
        D#      D#7  D#  B
I would love to heal you now
B C#m G#m
B                  C#m
  In a dark wintry Tokyo
In the Mahjong parlor they wait
B                      C#m
  Severed past weaving through theeir hands
Glory comes to the ones that wait
G#m               E
In the art of the arm
       A           G#m
Red blossom of the days
G#7                              A7
All I wanted to see is that I am better
G#m7                               A7
All I want to believe is that I am better
Round and round
G#m7                               A7
All I want you to see is that I am better
Round and round
(Fade with G#m7 and A7)

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