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D A D A D A D A F# A D A
A                                        D                 A
The sun slips through the broken blinds, through the dusty panes
And casts a shadow across the bed where you and I once lay
D                                             A                   F#
Your perfume lingers, though you've gone,  my poor ol' heart will break
D                   E       D      E       A
I'm lonesome as the whistle on the evening train
The jukebox plays a sad old song
A              F#
I pray to God above
D                       E
That you'll come riding back to me
D    E        A
On a train of love
I walk down to the station, and watch the trains go by
And stare into my coffee just looking for a sign
That one day you'll step off that train and forgive me for my crimes
Take my hand and walk with me 'til the end of the line
G#                 Bm            E                 G#
I never knew I was lucky 'til my luck all slipped away
G#                 Bm            E             F#
I gambled with the devil and the devil made me pay
E                                  B           G#
My dreams never came true like the roses never bloomed
E                      F#   E       F#    B
They withered and they died in this empty room
The light is gone, the night is here, the day is left behind
The rumble of a distant train slithers through my mind
Your photograph is faded, but the memory still remains
Your eyes burn in the tail lights on the midnight train
chorus (2 times)
train of love, train of love
Bridge part instrumental
chorus (2 times)
train of love, train of love, train of love

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