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How To Play

F#m F#m
    F#m               C#m     E
You want two heads on your body
F#m                               E
And you've got two mirrors in your hand.
B5                    A          C#m                A
  Priests are made of brick with gold crosses on a stick
         G            A             C#m        F#m
and your nose is too small for this land.
Inside your head is your town
inside your room your jail
inside your mouth the elephant’s trunk and booze
A                    F#m
the only key to your bail
 F#m                 C#m   E
Two heads can be put together.
    F#m                    E
And you can fill both your feet with sand.
B5                        A           C#m
  No one will know you've gutted your mind
A    G             A            C#m              F#m
 but what will you do with your bloody hands?
Your lions are fighting with chairs,
your arms are incredibly fat;
Your women are tired of dying alive
A                          F#m
if you've had any women at that.
F#m                       C#m       E
Wearing your comb like an ax in your head
F#m            E
List'ning for signs of life;
B5                         A    C#m  A
  Children are sucking on stone and lead
    G              A            C#m               F#m
 And chasing their hoops with a knife;
New breasts and jewels for the girl,
Keep them polished and shining;
Put a lock on her belly at night, sweet life,
A               F#m
For no child of mine. 
C#m9 C#m7 C#m9 C#m7 (random gibberish)

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