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Bbm7 chord Eb7 chord Abmaj7 chord Gb13 chord F9 chord Abmaj9 chord Cm7 chord F7 chord Eb9 chord Ab chord Ebm7 chord Ab7 chord Dbmaj7 chord Db6 chord Bb9 chord Eb9-5 chord F7+9 chord Fm7 chord Eb13 chord Ab6 chord Bo chord Dbmaj7/Eb chord Eb11 chord Ebm9 chord Ab13 chord D9-5 chord Gb9 chord Gbo chord Ab9 chord Bbm9 chord Ab/C chord Ab13-5 chord
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How To Play

I used to be so fancy free
But really lonesome as could be
     Abmaj7    Gb13  F9
Till one lucky day,  you came my way
Bbm7                            Eb7
     I never knew what love was all about
Until I met you
          Cm7            F7
I knew it right from the start
I used to think there'd never be
A girl who'd ever care for me
      Abmaj9    Gb13   F9
Then, what d'ya know,  you made it so
Bbm7                            Eb9
     I never knew what love was all about
Until I met you
                          Bbm7  Ab
Once we start, then we'll never part
      Ebm7 Ab7
In my blue life
Ebm7      Ab7            Dbmaj7
No one at all would even care if I cried
(Hurtin' inside)
In my new life
I'm walking tall, I got a feeling of pride
Bbm7       Eb9
Glowin' in side
And, lover, you're the reason why
A lonely girl is ridin' high
     Cm7        Gb13   F9
Now, who do you see,   lucky as me?
Bbm7                           Eb9
    I never knew what love was all about
Until I met you
It's cherry pink
          Bbm7           Eb9
And apple blossom white
That's right - pink and white
             Gb13            F9
Thinkin like I be tellin' y' right
Who'da' ever believed a guy that
                        Eb9       Eb9-5
Hustled pool was such a romantic
   Abmaj9              Cm7  F7+9
He really was frantic
Bbm7              Eb9
Chalkin' his cue
Gettin' ready for a little romance
               Cm7            F9
Lemme' tell y' now, without a doubt
           Bbm7              Eb7
The rustic romeo pursued me
Now is his chance
He showed me such emotion that I finally
An' when y' took the notion
Dbmaj7                    Db6
Ever was the kind t' go f'coolin'
        Fm7                  Bb9
Did 'ja think he might be ji vin' and only foolin'
Bbm7                           Eb9
     Or did you appraise it as real?
                          ^ ^   ^
        Bbm7              Eb13  Eb9
Did you go f'what came?
       Cm7   Gb13   F7
Or was love  is the game?
     Bbm7                               Eb9                Ab6
If      love is the answer, then you'll never be quite the same
                       Bo     Bbm7
I'm sure you know that that's so
                       Eb9     Eb13
Well I dropped m'heart now an'    bent it
Abmaj9                          Gb13
       Said a few sincere words
Never dreaming that I meant it
Bbm7                 Eb13
     To tell you the truth, I never
Eb9         Abmaj7             Cm7  F7+9
Ever really meant to begin it
                                    ^        ^  ^  ^
               Bbm7              Dbmaj7/Eb   Eb11
How can you ex plain true love?
                              ^    ^ ^  ^
          Abmaj9              Cm7  F9
How can I disdain true love?
                Bbm7    Dbmaj7              Eb9
Love is real ex citing          it's so ex  citing - that when it
Turned me around I didn't feel like fighting
It wouldn't a caught me
   Ab13        D9-5          Dbmaj7     Db6
Ex cept when I saw you I was surer than sure
     This really couldn't be
            Bbm7           Eb11
I'm ready f'settlin' right down
        Bbm7      Bo
No more running a round
               Eb11          Eb13
And that's the truth, really the truth
Really ain't puttin' on no act
Gb9         F9
Really a fact
Really, this ain't no time f'jivin'
                Eb11       Eb9
'Cause what I'm tellin' y' really comes
Right from this heart of mine
          Cm7                      F7+9
An' lemme tell y' there's an awful lot o' sacrifice t' lay it on the line
Bbm7        Eb11    Bbm7        Eb13
What's this thing   people call love
Abmaj9     Cm7     Gb13         F9
Something  nobody  has too much of
Bbm7     Eb11              Abmaj9               Gbo      F9
    This game all misunder st-a-a-nd what we're pla-a-ay in
Bbm7      Eb11    Bbm7            Eb13
One thing sure,   love's what I'm in
Abmaj9                   Cm7       F9
Under loose cupid's bow, let it be gi-i-in
Bbm7       Eb11  Bbm7     Bo       Ab6
    That's it!   Let that madness  start
There goes my heart
It's got me stumblin', it's got me mumblin'
I'm like a ship without a rudder
A car without wheels
    Unless y' feel it, I can't reveal it
Y' gotta have it happen to y'
T' know how it feels
Bbm7        Eb11    Bbm7         Eb13
One thing's sure,   love has got me
Abmaj9            Cm7         F9
I'm as certain as certain can be
Bbm7     Eb11   Bbm7   Bo       Ab6
     I'm yours  till   eterni   ty
         Bbm7         Eb11
From the day that we  met
         Abmaj9        F9
When you showed on the set
  Bbm7              Eb7
I reme-e-e-ember it yet
Bbm7          Abmaj9     Gb13  F9
I was knocked out
       Bbm7        Eb9
I took one look at you
         Abmaj7     Gb13  F9
And what else could I     do
            Bbm7     Eb7
Love walked in and I knew
There was no doubt
Ab9    Ebm7
No, no doubt
            Ab13                   Dbmaj7    Db6
I love you, yes, I sure do, yes, I love you
Yes, you know it
                              Bbm9    Eb7
I know that you knew from the start
       Bbm7       Eb11
Now we two become one
          Abmaj9     F9
And we'll make it to gether
  Bbm7                            Eb7
I never really knew what love was all about
            Ab     Bbm7  Bo  Ab/C
Until I met you
  Bbm7                            Eb7
I never really knew what love was all about
Until I met you
Ab9   Ab13-5
Good  sho-o-ot...

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