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Capo:1st fret

 G         D       G         D   Em   A           D
Unto the hills a-round do I lift up   My longing eyes;
G            D        G7              C      Am           B
O whence for me shall my sal-va-tion come   From whence arise?
E             A         D       F#dim    G
From God the Lord doth come my cer-tain aid,
E             Am         F#    C    G    D   G
From God the Lord, who heav’n and earth hath made.
 G             D    G             D   Em    A              D
He will not suffer that thy foot be moved: Safe shalt thou be.
G             D       G7                C    Am           B
No careless slumber shall His eyelids close, Who keepeth thee.
E           Am        D        F#dim       G
Behold our God, the Lord, He slum-b’reth ne’er,
E            Am     F#  C  G  D   G
Who keepeth Is-rael in His ho-ly care.
 G       D   G              D    Em   A                D
Jehovah is Himself thy keep-er true, Thy change-less shade;
G        D       G7                C   Am             B
Jehovah thy de-fense on thy right hand Him-self hath made.
 E           Am     D        F#dim  G
And thee no sun by day shall ev-er smite;
E              A        F#  C   G  D    G
No moon shall harm thee in the si-lent night.
 G           D     G            D    Em   A           D
From ev-ery evil shall He keep thy soul, From ev-ery sin;
 G          D         G7              C    Am         B
Je-ho-vah shall pre-serve thy go-ing out, Thy com-ing in.
 E             Am       D       F#dim   G
A-bove thee, watch-ing, He whom we   a-dore
 E                Am          F#   C   G  D  G
Shall keep thee hence-forth, yea, for ev-er-more.

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