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A chord Bm chord Bm7 chord D chord E chord G chord F sharp minor chord A over C Sharp chord Em7 chord Asus chord Gmaj7 chord D/F# chord A6 chord
F Sharp minor 7 chord
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How To Play

D A | D G | D A | D G | x 2
D A | D G | D A | D | D |
D                     F#m7                        Gmaj7
Barren stares as they light up the screen bearing teardrops that shatter in
Em7                F#m7        Gmaj7            Asus     A
slow motion no...  vocaine our brains and we're out like lights. And 
D              F#m7                Gmaj7              Em7
as I'm growing older I'm bored I remember when misery thrilled me much more
F#m7                 Gmaj7              Asus   A
  when I___ can't___ relax and I'd like to go back
            Em7 | A6 | Em7 | A
but that's gone...              ...yeah that's 
Em7           D/F#           Gmaj7
gone turn a - round turn the volume down we're counting the days down
A      D              E         A
to the day when we'll live in a video, I'll be
F#m                 G        A              D
stonefaced and pale you'll pout in stereo
F#m7        Gmaj7       A          D
twenty four hours every day of the year
F#m7     Gmaj7        Asus                      D
oh, what fun, I can't wait 'til the future gets here
D A | D G | D A | D G
D                 F#m7                      Gmaj7
Closing in on the pain and the torture he's slamming the door like it's 
Em7                      F#m7                Gmaj7            Asus     A
something to strive for, the girl tearing curtains down looks funny as hell
        D                        F#m7                     Gmaj7
and of, sense of humor can there be any doubt. Yeah, that natural selection
    Em7            | F#m7 | Gmaj7                   Asus     A
has weeded it out?          Just to keep me from laughing out loud
As before
F#m7     Gmaj7        Asus                      Bm
oh, what fun, I can't wait 'til the future gets here
Bm A/C# | D | D | Bm | Bm | Gmaj7 | Gmaj7 | A D | E A | F#m7 Gmaj7
A D | F#m7 G | A D | F#m7 G | Asus | D A | D G | D G
                                                   Well, I've
D    A        D               G           D         A
seen some old friends sort of die or just turn into whatever 
D                G        |D A|D               G              D     A
must have been inside them.    Whatever all of us had then in common grew up
D          Em7   F#m7          Gmaj7             Bm7
  and left home       we don't think that way no more
Em7          F#m7           Gmaj7
   turn around  turn the volume down, we're counting the days down...
D A | D G | D A | D G | D A | D G | D A | D

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