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A chord B chord C chord D chord E chord Em chord F sharp minor chord D5 chord E5 chord
F Sharp minor 7 chord
A5 chord
F Sharp 5 chord
C5 chord
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How To Play

Capo: 1st fret

Alternative Power Chords
A5  X02200   for A
D5  XX023X   for D
F#5 244XXX   for F#m
E5  022XXX   for Em
C5  X35XXX   for C
Y'all still want me to come with you?
A   D  A  D   A   D   A   D
A   D  A  D
   VERSE 1
A                 D     A      D
Bright light city gonna set my soul, 
      A      D       A
gonna set my soul on fire
                             D               A
There's a whole lot of money that's ready to burn
D   A               D   A
So get those stakes up  higher.
          F#m                          F#m7        F#m
There's a thousand pretty women just a-waiting out there,
F#m                    F#m7      F#m
And they're all livin' devil-may-care.
F#m                       F#m7    F#m
I'm just the devil with a love to spare.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
Ah, thank-ya very much baby.
   VERSE 2
A         D          A         D
And how I wish that there were more
      A          D            A
Than twenty-four hours in the day.
                  D     A
But even if there were forty more,
D      A             D     A
I wouldn't sleep a minute away.
            F#m                       F#m7     F#m
Oh, there's blackjack and poker and a roulette wheel.
F#m                    F#m7     F#m
A fortune won and lost on every deal.
F#m                                F#m7      F#m
All you need's a strong heart and a nerve of steel.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D                        D5    D
Viva Las Vegas with your neon flashin',
D                      D5   D
And your one-armed bandits crashin'
All those hopes down the drain.
D                          D5   D
Viva Las Vegas turnin' day into nighttime,
Turn the night into daytime,
       B                                    Em
If you see it once, you'll never come home again.
A   A5   A   A5
A   A5   A   A5
A   A5   A   Em
N.C.     C
   VERSE 3
I'm gonna keep on the run,
    D     A
I'm gonna have me some fun,
D     A                D    A
If it costs me my very last dime.
If I wind up broke,
D         A               D      A         D     A
Then I'll always remember that I had a swingin' time
          F#m          F#m7       F#m
I'm gonna give it everything I've got.
F#m                      F#m7      F#m
Lady Luck please let the dice stay hot.
F#m                  F#m7       F#m
Let me shoot a seven with every shot.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D        A     A5
Viva Las Vegas.
D     E
Viva, Viva.
A    A5     A    A5
A    A5     A    A5
F#m  F#m7   F#m  F#m7

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