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Em   C   Am   D  (x2)
Standing by the window
C             Am
Eyes upon the moon
Em                      C                     Am   D
Hoping that the memory will leave her spirit soon
Am                        D
She shuts the doors and lights
            Em            C
And lays her body on the bed
Am                 D                Em    C
Where images and words are running deep
Am                 D               Em                C
She has too much pride to pull the sheets above her head
Am              D                  Em     C   Am
So quietly she lays and waits for sleep
Em                                           C    Am
She stares at the ceiling and tries not to think
Em                                           C
And pictures the chain She's been trying to link again
         Am           D
But the feeling is gone
Am               D         Em   C
And water can't cover her memory
Am               D          Em   C
And ashes can't answer her pain
Am                D            Em             C
God give me the power to take breath from a breeze
Am                     D         Em
And call life from a cold metal frame
D            Am
In with the ashes
D                             C
Or up with the smoke from the fire
D                Am
With wings up in heaven
D                 C
Or here, lying in bed
D                      Am
Palm of her hand to my head
D                C             D
Now and forever curled in my heart
And the heart of the world
Em   C   Am   D  (x2)

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