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D7sus2 chord Esus4 chord E7 chord Am chord F chord C chord G chord
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How To Play

Am  D7sus2   Am  D7sus2
Am  D7sus2   Am  D7sus2
Am  D7sus2   Am  D7sus2
Am  D7sus2   Am  D7sus2
   VERSE 1
The guests are stood in silence
     F               Am
They stare and drink their wine
On the wall the canvas hangs
C            E7
Frozen there in time
C           G
They marvel at the beauty
    Am         F
The horror and despair
At the wake of the Medusa
C           Am
No one shed a tear
C              G
Sit my friends and listen
Am               F
Put your glasses down
C              G
Sit my friends and listen
To the voices of the drowned
Am  D7sus2   Am  Esus4
Am  D7sus2   Am  Esus4
   VERSE 2
In the moonlight's ghostly glow
  F        Am
I waken in a dream
Once more upon that raft I stand
C             E7
Upon a raging sea
C              G
In my ears the moans and screams
   Am        F
Of the dying ring
Somewhere in the darkness
C                Am
The siren softly sings
C                G
Out there in the waves she stands
Am                F
And smiling there she calls
C                       G
As the lightning cracks the sky
The wind begins to howl
Am  D7sus2   Am  Esus4
Am  D7sus2   Am  Esus4
Am  D7sus2   Am  Esus4
Am  D7sus2   Am  Esus4
   VERSE 3
The architects of our doom
 F                  Am
Around their tables sit
And in their thrones of power
C                     E7
Condemn those they've cast adrift
C               G
Echoes down the city street
      Am               F
Their harpies laughter rings
Waiting for the curtain call
C            Am
Oblivious in the wings
C             G
The casket is empty
Am             F
Abandon ye all hope
C                 G
They ran off with the money
And left us with the rope
C   G   Am   F
C   G   Am

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