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Key: D
Tuning: Standard EADGBe or Drop D
Chords used: for standard EADGBe
Bm - x24432
G -  320033
D -  xx0232
A -  x02220
Chords used: for Drop D
B5 - 999xxx
G5 - 555xxx
D5 - 000xxx
A5 - 777xxx
Intro: Bm-D-G-A x2 G-A
Verse 1:
  Well this hurts me more
than I can stand to say
In just one sitting you
left the room so
I could pray
  So I'll pace the
halls to see
If I could find a
hole in something
  Or maybe places
to escape
Refrain 1:
Oh and everybody
G          A      Bm
knows this is the part
Of breaking down
   G  A      Bm
in anybody's arms
I'm reaching down and
G      A          Bm
hoping this one's ours
God please let this take
Chorus 1:
And then I fell into
D          G             A
pieces and she fell into me
        Bm             D
Saying "Play me a song It's been
                         G         A
too long since I've heard you sing"
Interlude: G-A-
Verse 2:
  And you got here
just in time
To let me know I was
worth saving
  It's nothing more than
for the hearts
  Too proud to breathe
But I'm too scared to say
the things worth saying
  Who knew this trip
would be this hard?
Refrain 2:
As I'm looking to the
 G     A          Bm
sky to count the stars
I wonder if you see
     A         Bm
them where you are
I'm tied above my
G         A      Bm
knees and pray tomorrow
grace no pay
(Repeat Chorus 1)
Chorus 2:
         Bm             D
And yeah we all fall to pieces
       G                 A
But at least you fell to me
But this is a wrong way
D                            G A
Tell me goodnight and let it go
I stand here and
you just pray
My life will flee
And I'd say safe
2nd voice: while singing Bridge
I'm a priset mess
That rapid changes
Just say don't rip away
(Repeat Refrain 1)
Chorus 3:
And then I fell into
pieces and she fell into me
        Bm             D
Saying "Play me a song It's been
                         G         A
too long since I've heard you sing"
(Repeat Chorus 1)
(Repeat Chorus 2)

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