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E                                  C              D            D
Soldiers if Islam are loading their guns, they’re getting ready
But the Russian tanks are mowing them down, they’re getting ready
There’s children in Africa with tommy guns, getting ready
While the Islam armies are beckoning on, they’re getting ready
B                             C                   D            D
There’s a burning sun, and it sets in the western world
But it rises in the east and pretty soon it’s gonna burn your temples down
While the heads of state are having their fun, are they ready?
We’re looking at the world through the barrel of a gun, are we ready?
And you stand there beating your little war drum, are you ready?
And it won’t be long before your time has come, are you ready?
SOLO: bass carries on with main riff (x4)
MAIN RIFF TO END (ad lib lyrics)
Warhead, warhead, warhead
Warhead, warhead, warhead
Warhead, warhead, warhead
Warhead, warhead, warhead
“Well I don’t know what it is but I feel something coming
Stuck in the middle of the Yankees and the Russians
Better get moving guns are getting loaded
Fast to the border where the tanks are rolling
There’s a nation in fear another nation crying
One nation killing and another nation dying
Talk about guns and escalation, bye bye planet, let alone a nation”

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