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D chord Em chord F sharp minor chord G chord A chord F chord E7 chord Bm chord Bm/A chord C sharp minor chord A7 chord G7 chord C chord E chord C Sharp chord
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Intro:  D Em F#m G  A  D Em F#m G A
D             Em  F#m G
We can talk about it now
It's that same old riddle
Only starting from the middle
     D            Em   F#m   G
I'd fix it but I don't know how
Well, we could try to reason
But you might think it's treason
G             F
One voice for all
E7                 A
Echoing along the hall
Bm        Bm/A    G
Don't give up on father clock
A            Bm   C#m  D   A7
We can talk about it  now
D             Em  F#m  G
Come, let me show you how
To keep the wheels turnin' you've got to
Keep the engine churnin'
     D            Em F#m G
But did you ever milk a cow
I had the chance one day
But I was all dressed up for Sunday
G            F
Everybody, everywhere
  E7           A
Do you really care
 Bm          Bm/A       G
Pick up your heads and walk
A             Bm C#m  D   G7
We can talk about it now
    C                       E7
It seems to me we've been holding something
Underneath our tongues
      C                      E7
I'm afraid if you ever got a pat on the back
           F                G
It would likely burst your lungs
    A          E
Oh, stop me if I should sound
      A            E
Kinda down in the mouth
         A                   E
But I'd rather be burned in Canada
          A         D           A  A/C#
Than to freeze here in the south
D             Em  F#m  G
Pulling that eternal plough
We've got to find a sharper blade
Or have a new one made
D                Em  F#m   G
Rest awhile and cool your brow
Don't you see there's no need to slave
The whip is in the grave
G             F
No salt, no trance
      E7                   A
It's safe now to take a backward glance
             Bm          Bm/A      G
Because the flames have turned to chalk
A            Bm  C#m  D
We can talk about it now
A            Bm  C#m  D
We can talk about it now

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