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G                            C
In the borough of Brent, the legend is real
         G                            D                 C       D
Stands a two headed monster, made of 23,000 tons of steel
                       G        D
And they called it Wembley
               G                   C
Whether it's a hot blooded win, or heartbreaking loss
             G                           D                             C        D
Those three lions proudly play under the weight of St. George's cross
           G            D
Out in Wembley
   G        C        G       D         Em       C        D
Day-Oh, (Day-Oh), Day-Oh, (Day-Oh), Day-Oh, (Day-Oh), Day-Oh
G                               C
Pink Floyd, The Animals and Genesis
                        G                D                                C     D
and The Who without the Moon, ELO, INXS, Michael you left us all to soon
                                    G   D
but you climbed those stairs to Wembley
G                                C                   D
The Boss, The Stones, the Man in Black, the bitch is back
              Em                  D                 C            C
and Fleetwood Mac, Take That, Bon Jovi, Green Day I said some shit
But that was the old me
Em                    D
U2, Oasis, The Foos, The Eagles, Madonna and Muse
C                           G        D                  C               D
Metallica, Viva La Vida, AC/DC, G n' R, George Michael stay away from cars 
C                             D
'66 the winning team, Freddie Mercury and Queen, I can still hear Freddie sing
After tonight you're gonna put another name on that list
G                      C
Mr. Brightside had you scratching your head
         G                                      D                            C          D
When you heard we were from Vegas, but you were positive it was Sheffield or Camden
                    G   D
But that didn't matter
                G                 C
The seed was planted, You took us in like your own
          G                 D               C   D
Now we're bound by tradition, my how we've grown
                            G   D
From Dave's apartment to Wembley
---SING IT!---
C                                 G
I got soul but I'm not a soldier, (I got soul but I'm not a soldier)
C         D-Em  G            C
Da da da da da, (Da da da da da)
         C                            D-Em
And the decades disappear like a sinking ship
                        D  -  G
But we persevere God gives us hope
But we still fear what we don't know
C                          D
The devil's water and the good old days
C                 D
Ain't we all just runaways?

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