What God Wants Part Iii Chords & Lyrics Artist:

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G chord Em chord Csus4 chord C chord F chord Am/E chord Adim/Eb chord Eb chord D chord Dsus4 chord Gm chord Ebsus4 chord Ab chord Cm/G chord Cdim/Gb chord Gb chord Fsus4 chord
A Sharp minor chord
G sharp chord F#sus4 chord F sharp chord B chord
D#m/A# chord
D#dim/A chord A chord
G Sharp sus4 chord
C sharp minor chord Asus4 chord F#m/C# chord F#dim/C chord Bsus4 chord
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How To Play

[Verse I]
Em                          Csus4   C
 Don't be afraid, it's only business
Em                 Csus4 C
 The alien prophet sighed
    F               Am/E            Adim/Eb                Eb
The vulture and the magpie took the cash box from its hook
    D                   Dsus4
The monkey in the corner
Wrote the figures in his book
[Verse II]
Em                                                  D
Crazed the checkout lady's fingers flash across the till
Csus4                      C
 And the captain posts the menu of the day
And in banks across the world - Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Jew
                D              C
And every other race, creed, colour, tint or hue get down on their knees and pray
    F                     Am/E
The raccoon and the groundhog neatly
Adim/Eb              Eb
 Make up bags of change
        D                    Dsus4
But the monkey in the corner
Well, he's slowly drifting out of range
Gm       F  Ebsus4   Eb
Gm       F  Ebsus4   Eb
Ab   Cm/G   Cdim/Gb  Gb
F   Fsus4   F
A#m      G#  F#sus4   F#
A#m      G#  F#sus4   F#
B   D#m/A#   D#dim/A  A
G#   G#sus4  G#
[Verse III]
             C#m                               B
Christ, it's freezin' inside, the veteran cries
      Asus4                       A
The hyenas break cover and stream through the meadow
        C#m                               B
And the vet rolls in to his bottle of gin
      Asus4                              A
So he picks up a stone that looks like a bone
And the bullets fly and the rivers run dry
And the fat girls sigh
                F#dim/C             C
And the network anchor persons lie
And the soldier's alone in the video zone
But the monkey's not watching
He's slipped out to the kitchen to pile the dishes and answer the phone

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