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G chord G6 chord C chord C6 chord D chord Bm chord Em chord Am chord D7 chord
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How To Play

G: 320033
G6: 322033
C: x32033
C6: x32233
G  G6  G  G6
G          G6  G    G6  G
What if we went to Italy
G             G6    G
A suitcase of books
G             G6  G            C   C6 C
And one bag a piece for the summer
C               C6  C     G   G6 G
I don't speak a word of Italian
Except for Campari and soda for two, how much is a lire
D                          C  C6              G  G6 G
Yes, a villa will do and a breeze, in Tuscany please
G          G6  G            G6  G
What if we spent all of our days
G             G6  G               G6  G        C  C6 C
Improving our minds, learning new ways to be lazy
C                  C6   C     G    G6 G
It wouldn't be too much of a strain
Relax after breakfast till lunch comes around
Can't wait for dinner, oh, I need to lie down
D     C  C6 C C6 C         G  G6 G
And refuel,    out by the pool
C                         D
What if the ancients were lazy like us
    Bm                       Em
Too blissed out to paint, to sketch or to sculpt
Am                     D7
Just as relaxed as the tower of Pisa
Em                    G
Not ever missing that old Mona Lisa
C                    D
What if we never got back on the plane
   Bm                            Em
As summer turned colder and then warmer again
Am                      D7
Losing all track of the passing of years
D7      C                      D
Till it no longer mattered how long we'd been here
C  D  Bm  Em Am D C D
G          G6  G    G6  G
What if we went to Italy
G            G6  G            G6  G           C  C6 C
Maybe next year   just you and me   for the summer
C                  C6 C  G   G6 G
I still can't speak any Italian
But words are replaced under Siennese skies
By nothing so much as a nod, and a sigh
D     C  C6 C C6 C                    G
And a wish      to be always like this

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