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Intro: C  G/B  Am  G/B
C                     G/B                       Am
   The other day when someone asked me, are you living your dream? 
  G/B                  C     G/B               Am  G/B
I didn't know what to say, I honestly had to think
C                       G/B
   I try to be so many places at the same time 
Am                         G/B
Everyday a million things cluttering up my mind 
C           G/B                    Am   G/B
   Another feather falling off my wings 
    D7+          Em7                F    G4  G
I climb so high, it gets hard to breathe
             D7+    Em7            F   G
Forget to remember what I really need 
  F             C       G                       F
What means the most to me is waking up next to you
          C         G              C/E
Feel the morning breeze, you're my favorite thing and I love 
F             C            Am7           G       D7+                     G
   Coming home to your arms when you kiss me hello, it's these simple things 
                         F  C  Am7      G                  F  C  G
That mean the most to me,         that mean the most to me
C               G/B              Am            G/B               C
   Every time I have to leave I feel like I'm leaving a part of me 
          G/B                 Am  G/B
You're the only place I wanna be
      C                     G/B
Well nothing else matters I just lose focus 
  Am                                    G/B
When you're not around you're still the only one I notice 
C          G/B             Am  G/B
   I can't help the way I feel 
D7+                       Em7     F   G
   It doesn't matter if I win or lose    cause 
  F             C       G                       F
What means the most to me is waking up next to you
             C       G     C/E
When you're holding me and have a little time to play 
F              C               Am7             G      D7+
   In your arms, race your heart, laugh 'til it gets dark 
                    G                            Am7  G      Em7   F
It's these simple things that mean the most to me        yeah... oh...
Am7                   G
   No more days far away where I miss you 
Em7                          F
   No more nights trying to fall asleep with out you 
Am7                G
   From now on I'm always gonna be there 
Em7                      F                  D7+            G
   I won't miss another day that we won't share, I'll be there couse 
 F            C       G
You mean the most to me, oh
 F            C       G
You mean the most to me 
And now that I'm here with you 
F           C          Am7
   I will stay by your side 
         G              D7+      G
I won't leave you this time, oh no
C                     G/B
   The next time that someone asks me 
Are you living your dream? 
   G/B                     C
I guess I'll know what to say 
  G/B                 Am
I won't even have to think

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