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Capo 2
I'm gonna tell you a story
That you've probably heard
And at the risk of being redundant
I'm gonna tell you something that may not thrill you
But it could not hurt
Well it comes out of the sacred
writings of the Israelites
It's the story of David
And how he slew Goliath
Well now the king of his country
He didn't trust him too much
And so to David's alarm
He tried to fit him in his armour
But the thing was so heavy
David couldn't stand up
So he left it by the river
Where he gathered five smooth stones
I guess it's safe to say he figured
He wasn't going out alone
He's not alone
What trouble are giants
What's wrong with being small
The bigger they come
You know the harder they fall
When you're fighting for Zion
And you're on the Lord's side
Well, I think you're gonna find
They ain't no trouble at all
Now there must have been some laughter
Among the Philistines
At the sight of this scrawny little shepherd
Coming out to meet the record
Breaking mammoth of a man
Who was a killing machine
But it didn't shake David
'Cause he was smart enough to know
It's more the size of who you put your faith in
Than the size of your foe
Whoa, whoa
Repeat chorus 2x's and ad lib out.

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