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How To Play

I have a number in my head
                           G    Am7  G
Though I don't know why it's there
        D7           G
   When numbers get serious
 C                        D
   You see their shape everywhere
D              G
  Dividing and multiplying
Bm7                   Em
       Exchanging with ease
C                   G
    When times are mysterious
    Am       D          G
Serious numbers are eager to please
F#                    B
    Take my address. Take my phone
F#                  B
    Call me if you can
F#                      B
    Here's my address. Here's my phone
F#                               B
    Please don't give it to some madman
     F#         B
Hey hey, whoa, whoa
      F#          B
it's a complicated life
F#                    B
    Numbers swirling thick and curious
You can     cut them with a knife
        C               D   G   Am
 You can cut them with a knife
G                  D
  Two times two is twenty-two
                    G         Am7  G
 Four times four is forty-four
       D7           G
   When numbers get serious
C                             D
    They leave a mark on your door
D                    G
  Urgent. Urgent. A telephone
Bm7                Em
       ringing in the hallways
C                   G
    When times are mysterious
       Am            D          G
Serious numbers will speak to us always
F#                B
    That is why a man with numbers can
F#                   B
    put your mind at ease
F#                    B
    We've got numbers by the trillions
F#               B
    Here and overseas
   F#         B
Hey hey, whoa whoa
           F#                B
Look at the     stink about Japan
F#                     B
    All those numbers waiting patiently
    Don't you understand?
C                  D      G
    Don't you understand?
G                       D
   So wrap me, wrap me, wrap me do
                       G   Am7  G
In the shelter of your arms
       D7        G
   I am ever your volunteer
C                     D
    I won't do you any harm
D                G
  I will love innumerably
Bm7                       Em
       You can count on my word
C                     G
    When times are mysterious
         Am            D        G
Serious numbers will always be heard
C         D7         G
    When times are mysterious
         C            D7         G
Serious numbers will always be heard
   And after all is said and done
   And the numbers all come home
The four rolls into three
    Eb             Ab
The three turns into two
The two becomes a one

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