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F6 chord Bb/F chord F chord Dm chord C chord C6 chord Dm7 chord Bb chord Am chord Edim7 chord Gm chord Am7 chord Amaj7 chord C7 chord Bbmaj7 chord
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How To Play

Capo:1st fret

F6 Bb/F F Bb/F F6
There's a cross above the baby's bed,
  C         C6  Dm
A savior in her dreams,
    Dm7                   Dm
But she was not delivered then,
        C           Dm
And the baby became me,
                           Bb       F
There's a light inside the darkened room,
  C               Dm
A footstep on the stair,
  Bb          F
A door that I forever close,
   C                    F    Am
To leave those memories there,
Bb                  Edim7   Gm  F
So when the shadows lengthen,
Bb              Gm
Into an evening sun,
      C       Dm7          C    Bb      F
First there's summer, then I'll let you in,
C                 Dm
September when it comes.
C6 Bb F C Bb F
  Am7           Bb            F
I plan to crawl outside these walls,
C                 Dm
Close my eyes and see,
    Bb            F
And fall into the heart and arms,
   C     F   C        Dm  C
Of those who wait for me,
Dm       C      Bb       F
I cannot move a mountain now,
  C             Dm  C
I can no longer run,
  Bb            F
I cannot be who I was then,
     C           F
In a way I never was.
  Bb                  Gm  F
I watch the clouds go sailing,
  Bb                  Gm
I watch the clock and sun,
     Dm       Dm7  C6  Amaj7  F
Oh I watch myself depending on,
C                 Dm   Amaj7
September when it comes.
F C F6 C Dm C6 Bb Dm F C F
Bb               Gm   F
When the shadows lengthen,
Bb            Dm7  Gm
And burn away the past,
          Dm7            C7    F
They will fly me like an angel to,
  C                 Dm  C
A place where I can rest,
Amaj7                 F
When this begins I'll let you in,
C                 Dm7  C  Bbmaj7 F
September when it comes.

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