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Uno dos
tres quatros
Verse 1:
When you fucked grandpa
Did he tell you
        G         A
that he loved you?
Did he hold you until
the sun did rise
And did he look
into your eyes
And ask you to
fellate him
And stick a finger
or two in his ass
He seems like
a total asshole
G            A
Grandpa is a total
fucking asshole
Who would ever want
a dirty greasy
finger in his ass?
He rubs his dick
in broken glass
(Repeat Intro twice)
Verse 2:
When you fucked
Did he kiss you
         G      A
soft and tender?
Did he tie your hands
behind your head
And was it on your
mother's bed? And
(Repeat Chorus)
Mark Speaks while
singing Chorus
This is fucking
stupid man
I can't believe
you'd have
sex with your
own grandfather
I mean you
guys are related!
What's he gonna do
take out his teeth
and just lay them on
the side of the bed?
Man you like to fuck
him in the butt
and have everyone come in
and watch and masturbate
And cum all over the place
this is stupid I hate you all
I'm not even going to have
sex with my mom tonight man
this is stupid!
       I hate you!

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