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F chord G chord C chord D chord Em chord Am chord A chord


Where ever you go
you will be with me
                F    C
and when you do talk
you will be talking to me
              D          C
but just save your words
as we walk on by
                     D     C
with the sky full of birds
and the dusk approaching
Em    D
Em                    D
climb the long grassy track
                     Am   C  D
to the top of winter hill
Em                   D
climb the real rocky track to the top
i'll see you back
             Am             G    C   G
i'll see you back on winter hill
wherever you go
you will return safe
and when you will walk
you'll be walking with me
but if comes the day
you meet someone new
you will be with them
but I'll be thinking of you
climb the long grassy track
to the top of winter hill
stay with me see so far at the top
i'll see you back
i'll see you back on winter hill
well she travels far
so we stayed apart
but she crossed her heart on winter hill
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