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C  G  F  C
Some kids grew up on mean streets
Dealin' with the crips and bloods
But me I was born on a back road
     F   Bb                  C
In a 4X4 rollin' through the mud
The street kid deals with the dealer
And he's always watching his back
Me, I'm watching a line, with a woman of mine
F           Bb         C
Down by the creek bank shack
Give me .308 and a shotgun
      Bb        F        C
And a gallon of homemade wine
Drop me off on a mountainside
Where the bear and the deer reside
     Bb                      F
I'll spend my nights sittin' round the fire
Bb          F      C
Makin' this guitar ring
I'll be doin' fine underneath the pines
          Bb          G        C
While the world goes down the drain
Just to dwell on life in the city
Is makin' my blood run cold
'Cause miles and miles of concrete
      F          Bb    C
Eats away at the human soul
When you live and die in the country
There's a little that your heart can mourn
With your hands in the dirt and a little work
        F       Bb      C
You can weather out any storm
Bb  C  Bb F  C  Bb  C  Bb  F  G  F  Bb
Bb         G        C

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