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Bb chord F chord Eb chord Bb7 chord C chord


Well alright you can sit down, but just 
for a minute.
I'm not as lonely as I might appear.
Bb                                 Eb
But you've got a friendly smile so we can 
sit and talk awhile.
    F                          Bb
But don't go gettin' any wrong ideas.
  Bb                                  F
A drink, well, thank you, no, I never touch it.
Well, maybe just one little glass of beer.
And a dance just might be fun but I can 
only stay for one.
    F                          Bb
So, don't go gettin' any wrong ideas.
Eb                                   Bb
Don't go thinking cause I'm drinking one last 
drink with you..that I'm the kind, to lose my 
          F        C     F
mind, the way some women do.
              Bb                         F
Well, here we are, yes, that's my house, there 
on the corner.
No, you can't come up, let's say good night
right here.
                             Bb7  Eb
Well, maybe just a minute or so,  but then you'll 
really have to go.
F                              Bb
So, don't go gettin' any wrong ideas.
             F                          Bb
No, darling, don't go gettin' any wrong ideas.
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