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Cadd9 chord CM7 chord Csus2 chord D5 chord Em chord G chord D5/F# chord
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How To Play

Chords used: Cadd9(x3203x), CM7(x3200x), Csus2(x30013), D5/F#(20023x), Em(02200x), G(32003x)
G Csus2 (x4) (Cadd9 will also work)
G                     D5/F#
 I've been the one to shake with fear
Em                    Cadd9
 And wonder if You're even here
G                     D5/F#
 I've been the one to doubt Your love
Em                    CM7
 I've told myself You're not enough
G           D5/F#  Em        CM7
 Oh   oh oh oh,      Oh   oh oh oh oh oh (x2)
G                     D5/F#
 I've been the one to try and say
Em                Cadd9 (x32030)
 I'll overcome by my own strength
G                     D5/F#
 I've been the one to fall apart
Em                     CM7
 And start to question who You are
G                    D5/F#
 You're the one who conquers giants
Em                  Cadd9
 You're the one who calls out kings
G             D5/F#
 You shut the mouths of lions
Em            CM7
 You tell the dead to breathe
G                    D5/F#
 You're the one who walks through fire
Em            Cadd9
 You take the orphan's hand
G            D5/F#
 You are the one Messiah
Em     CM7   G               D5/F#
   You are I am  (Oh   oh oh oh      ...)
Em     Cadd9 G               D5/F#  Em      CM7
   You are I am  (Oh   oh oh oh,      Oh oh oh oh oh)
G                       D5/F#
 I've been the one held down in chains
Em                     Cadd9 (x32030)
 Beneath the weight of all my shame
G                  D5/F#
 I've been the one to believe
Em                   CM7
 That where I am You cannot reach
Repeat chorus
Cadd9  D5           Em
        The veil is torn
          Cadd9  D5                  Em
And now I live,    with the Spirit inside
         Cadd9              D5/F#
The same one, the very same one
who brought the Son back to life
G     D5/F#    Em       CM7
Hallelujah, He lives in me  (x4)
Repeat chorus, but replace last two lines with:
Em     CM7   G           D5/F#
   You are I am   (Hallelujah ...)
Em     Cadd9 G          D5/F#    Em       CM7   G (3200xx)
   You are I am  (Hallelujah, He lives in me)

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