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B chord Abm7 chord Dbm chord A chord Gb chord E chord Ebm chord Bb chord Db chord C chord Dm chord Gbm chord Eb chord Ab chord Bbm chord D chord


INTRO: B Abm7 Dbm Gb..B Abm7 Dbm Gb
A      Dbm  E Dbm Gb     Ebm     Gb B
Though you....say we are through.....
Gb   E      B    Gb  Bb Db  Dbm E     Gb
I'll always love you....and you can depend 
   B   Abm7 Dbm Gb
on me.
C      A   E   Dbm      Gb  Ebm B     Gb
Though someone that you met.......has made 
B      Ebm  Db         Dbm           Gb
you forget..honey, you know, you can count 
   B  Dbm Dm
on me.
B       Gbm                 B        E
Well, I wish, I wish you success and loads, 
loads of happiness.
     Db                       B  Abm7
But, baby, I've gotta confess....I'll be 
E   Dbm Gb
B      A     Dbm                      Gb    B
If you ever, ahhh, if you ever need a friend..
Gb      E       Ebm         Dm Dbm           Gb
I'll be yours until the end....and you can depend 
on me.
INTERLUDE: Dbm Dm Bb Abm7 B Gbm
              B        E        B    E     Db
I wish you success and loads of happiness, but, 
Eb       Ab   B            Bbm      Db       E
darling, I've gotta confess.....I'm gonna be lonely.
Gb      Gbm    Dbm                           Gb
Ohhhhh..if you ever, ah, if you ever, need a friend..
Eb   Ebm                     E         Ebm     D
I'll be  right by your side, ahhhh,  until the end..
    Dbm       Gb   Eb B
and you can depend on me.
 Db  Dbm   C       B
(You can depend on me.)
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