You’re My Best Buddy (Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure) Chords & Lyrics Artist:

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Ab chord Bb chord Bbm chord C chord C7 chord Cm chord D chord Db chord D7 chord Eb chord Ebm chord F chord Fm7 chord G chord Gm chord G7 chord Gb chord Gbm chord Fm chord F7 chord Bb7 chord Ebm7 chord Eb7 chord Ab7 chord Bbm7 chord
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How To Play

F   Bbm
   (Gotcha I am really sorry that I called you dishonest, ah forget it, I really am
You were right, I think you're just perfect
        Bb                           Db                Gb     F7
Thanks, You're my best buddy, buddy, No your my buddy, buddy.)
Bbm                      C       F      Bbm      Gb     F
If you're feeling jumpy, lost or low, I hope you know I'm here
Bbm                    C7      F         Bbm            Db
Life's a little bumpy, call me bro, I'll always lend an ear (Oh, you mean literally)
Gbm                   C7  Bbm7                G7 F7
Buddy, you're my best bud-dy, When things get nut-ty, (nutty)
Ab7           Db     Ebm7   F
You're always there, Mon Frere
       Eb  Ebm          F7     Bbm7        Bb7
And buddy, who cares if people thinks it's strange
       Eb7            Ab7            Db     Ab F7 Bb
You're my best buddy, bud don't ever change
I'm sorry I called you dishonest lance
Well I can play fast and loose with the truth
But you wanna know one thing I never lie about, you
You're my closest pal
                      D     Gm      Cm      Ab        G7
When I need a wingman by my side, I hitch a ride with you
Cm                   D7      G7         Cm
Ask for anything man I'll provide, It's no big whoop-te-doo (show-off)
G   F7  Fm7            Eb7 C7
Bud-dy, You're my best bud-dy, When I feel cruddy
Bb7        Eb        Fm7 F7
You set me straight, old mate
G7 Ab     Fm        Eb                C7
So buddy, No matter what the fate's arrange
       F7             Bb7             Eb
You're my best buddy, bud, don't ever change
                       D7  Gm
(Check out these moves man,
  Cm   Ab G
Ha ha, Oh Lance shall we,
Cm                          D    G Cm
Of course take the lead, we shall
Here we go)
Ab            Fm      D   C   C7               Bb7
Buddy, You're my best bud-dy, Though life gets muddy,
                  Eb     Fm7
This friendship's clean, old bean
G7 G   Fm7          Eb    C
So bud-dy, whatever comes however strange,
       F         Bb7
You'll always be my best buddy,
Eb                Ab
More fun than the silliest funny,
       F7                Bb7
You're never, ever a big fuddy duddy
       Eb7                 Ab
You're something else that rhymes with buddy
                      Bb                F7  Bb   Eb
You're my best buddy, bud, don't ever cha--------nge.

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