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A chord Am chord Am7 chord Bb chord Bm7 chord C chord D chord E chord Eb chord Em chord F chord G chord Gm chord G sharp minor chord C Sharp chord G over D chord Em7 chord Bb/F chord Cmaj7 chord Gm7 chord Am/G chord Emaj7 chord G/B chord Gmaj7/B chord
A Sharp minor 7 chord
A Sharp minor chord
Cm7 chord
D Sharp minor 7 chord
Amaj9 chord Am9 chord
F Sharp minor 7 chord
Bm11 chord Am7/C chord F#maj7 chord Bmadd4 chord Dadd4 chord C#11 chord Dadd2 chord Cadd2 chord Cm/Bb chord Bm7add4 chord Ebadd2 chord F#add2 chord Am11 chord G#m9 chord Emaj7/G# chord Cm7/Eb chord G#sus chord Amaj7/E chord F#madd4 chord Gadd2/D chord G#7sus4/D# chord G#9/C chord A#m7/C# chord C#/B# chord C#sus/B# chord C#add2 chord Gmaj/B chord A#madd9/C# chord
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How To Play

D             Dadd2
It's on again
You hate it but you know it then
            Dadd4          Cm7     G#9/C     C#11
You know it and so do your friends
            G#7sus4/D#    Amaj7/E
And you can sing together when
Emaj7     G#m9
It's on
       A#m7/C#      A#madd9/C#       F#maj7
Pretend you love it because you love them
                           A#m      G#sus  C#
As you explode out of your phones (amen)
                           A#m   C#/B#
To make some music of your own (amen)
C#sus/B#        C#            A#m7  C#add2
You can hate it softly to yourself alone
  F#add2   C#    D#m7    Bm7
A man     among amens
  Bm7add4 Cmaj7
A ringing bell,
or programmed drums or both
  Cmaj7             Bm7add4    Am9
I couldn't tell but I rejoice
Am9    Bm7    F#madd4  Em7
  Bm7add4 Am11       Bmadd4
A smoke machine or a swinging thurible
       Am11              F#m7         Amaj9
It was hard to see but I lifted up my voice
      G#m                            Bm7add4
We've come together over we know not what...
  Bm7add4 Am7            Bm7add4
A call to prayer, or the last for alcohol
   Am7         A   Bm7add4           Am7
We didn't care; We knelt and bowed our heads
   Bm7add4 Am7 A      Bm7add4
Or did we dance? Like we may never get
 Am7          A   Bm7add4   Bm11   Am7
another chance to disconnect
      G#m                            Bm7add4 G   Gmaj7/B C    Am7
We've come together over we know not what
   G   Gmaj7/B C    Am7  E
to say I       love      you
  Am7/C Am7 E  Emaj7/G#   Am7/C Am7 E
I love      you,        I love      you
  Am7/C Am7 E     Emaj7/G# Am7/C E
I mean      it, I want to  feel  it
    Emaj7/G#  Am7/C  G   Gmaj7/B
God help me   feel   it
 Cm7/Eb  Cm7  G  Gmaj7/B  Cm7/Eb  Cm7
I love        you
G   Gmaj/B  Cm7/Eb G
God knows I mean   it
G   Gmaj/B  Cm7/Eb G
God help me feel   it
G   Gmaj/B   Cm7/Eb G
God knows we mean   it
G   Gmaj/B  Cm7/Eb G
God help us feel   it...
G  Am/G  Em G/D Cadd2
G  Am/G  Em G/D Cadd2
G/B Am  D
We lie in bed
The wireless dancing through my head
                             Gm  Bb/F
Until I fear the space between my breath
Bb                                            Cm/Bb
I see an end to where I don't love you like I can
                            Gm7     Bb/F
Cause I've forgotten how it feels (amen)
                             Gm7    Bb/F    Eb
To love someone or thing for real (amen)
Bb                                          Cm/Bb
Darling when you wake, remind me what we've done
                                    Gm Bb/F
That can't be shared, or saved, or even sung
It's on again
You nod your head and take my hand
                                Gm7  Bb/F
Though I'm not sure where we'll go (amen)
                             Gm7    Bb/F
To worship more than what we know (amen)
                        Eb      F   Gm
As long as you're there I won't be alone
  Bb/F Ebadd2     Bb
A man among amens

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